CHEM 316 QUIZ 5 - decoupled 13C NMR a b c O 3 4 7 3 For the compound below which carbon atom is more ‘shielded’ O a b b 4 Circle the compound

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CHEM 316 Fall 2007 QUIZ 5 Name:______________________________ 1. Determine the relationship between the compounds in each pair shown below. Your only choices are enantiomers (E), diastereomers (D), meso (M), structural isomers (S), or none of the above (N). O O a) b) OH Cl OH Cl c) OH HO N D N 2. For each of the following compounds, how many peaks would you expect in the
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Unformatted text preview: decoupled 13C NMR? a) b) c) O 3 4 7 3. For the compound below, which carbon atom is more ‘shielded’? O a b b 4. Circle the compound abbreviated TMS that is commonly used as a reference in NMR: S Si S...
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