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CHEM 316 Fall 2007 QUIZ 7 Name:______________________________ 1. Circle the correct response for each of the following: a) the stronger nucleophile NaOMe NaNHMe b) the better leaving group I- OH- c) the better solvent for an S N 1 reaction EtOH CH 3 CN d) substrate more likely to undergo E2 CH 3 Br CH 3 CH 2 Br 2. Predict the product(s) for each of the following:
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Unformatted text preview: a) Br NaOC(CH 3 ) 3 (CH 3 ) 3 COH b) Br KCN DMF c) I S (in acetone) major CN S 3. Predict the other major product (product B) for the reaction below. Then, use correct arrow formalism to show the mechanism for formation of A ONLY: Br OH + product A product B O HO H...
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