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Mark Lennon Theo 1 – Final Paper Dr. U. Lehner Why Two Women Converted to a Life of Christ The Catholic faith has been subject to many renowned conversions throughout history, ranging from the likes of the great Emperor Constantine to the brilliant author Ernest Hemingway. For these people, there are many reasons that factor into their decisions to join the Church and its quest for eternal salvation. Usually, their resolution to convert is the result of a mixture of thoroughly reading Scripture, vigorous prayer, attending Mass as a non-Christian, and sometimes, a life-changing, or “defining” moment. The lives of two Catholic converts, one a famous, holy pioneer, the other an average, every-day American, parallel in their reasons for converting to Catholicism. While each possesses a different status in society, their devotional awakening to Jesus Christ and the paths they took to get there is more than enough to link them as devout believers in God’s Word. Dorothy Day was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1897 and began a childhood of frequent travel across the country. Spending her younger years taking an active role in the Communist party, Day first caught a glimpse of the Catholic religion shortly after college while rooming with a devout Catholic family in Chicago who would invite her to parish missions. This stage in Day’s life unveils a very key element that many converts experience in that they begin to see the strong camaraderie Catholics have, especially
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theology - final paper - Mark Lennon Theo 1 Final Paper Dr....

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