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theology - mid-term paper - Mark Lennon Theo 1 Mid-term...

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Mark Lennon Theo 1 – Mid-term Paper Dr. U. Lehner The question of whether or not miracles are possible raises one of the most important deciding factors in the argument of if God exists or not. The proponents of natural sciences, that is, those who object the presence of God, deny the reality of miracles or any Devine interactions. They believe that if there truly was a God, he would answer every prayer and perform miracles on a regular basis. They also attest every occurrence in life, good and bad, to that of the natural laws of the universe. To those who swear by science, miracles are just as fictitious as fairy tales. However, these beliefs can be refuted with simple, logical reasoning as to the existence of God and therefore, the possibility of miracles. First off, the issue of why God does not perform an endless amount of Divine interventions can easily be addressed. Simply put, God does not execute an infinite amount of miracles so that we can notice the ones He does perform. If He answered all of our prayers, we would not be able to predict the consequences of our actions and never strive to solve certain problems of humanity, such
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theology - mid-term paper - Mark Lennon Theo 1 Mid-term...

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