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Research Paper-Poetry-Emily Dickinson - Morgan Anderson...

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Morgan Anderson English 102 Dr. McKnight Research Paper A Look into the Life and Poetry of Emily Dickinson Imagine living a life that was predictable, because every single day was the same. This is how Emily Dickinson lived most of her life. Emily Dickinson lived a life that was very lackluster. She never lived in her own home and was an antisocial woman. She chose not to associate herself with many people, and the last twenty years of her life, she lived in the walls of her father’s home. Emily Dickinson lived a very strange life, and she used her poetry as a way of expressing her emotions on life. Throughout Emily Dickinson’s life, people in her town talked about her greatly. Her family was a very prominent family in Amherst, Massachusetts, and Emily Dickinson’s desire to stay away from the public eye made great conversation around the town (Kirk 4). Emily Dickinson confided herself in her fathers home most of her life. She made a few trips to Philadelphia and Boston, but these were because of health issues. Emily Dickinson only left her fathers home for four main reasons. These reasons were to visit family, go to school, please her father, and regain her health (Kirk 57). Many people would say that she was an eccentric woman.
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Research Paper-Poetry-Emily Dickinson - Morgan Anderson...

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