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bio prequiz 2 - Speciation occurs via anagenesis and...

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Speciation occurs via anagenesis and cladogenesis, but only the latter increases biodiversity. Some species of Anopheles mosquito live in brackish water, some in running fresh water, and others in stagnant water. What type of reproductive barrier is most obviously separating these different species? habitat isolation Which of the following statements about speciation is correct? Speciation is included within the concept of macroevolution. All of the following have contributed to the diversity of organisms on the Hawaiian archipelago except that the islands are very young in geologic time Which of the following types of isolation best describes two species of orchids with different floral anatomy? Mechanical A biologist discovers two populations of wolf spiders whose members appear identical. Members of one population are found in the leaf litter deep within a woods. Members of the other population are found in the grass at the edge of the woods. The biologist decides to designate the members of the two populations as two separate species. Which species concept is
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