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Laboratory 1 - hollow sphere was charged and a pith ball...

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Luis Prieto-Riascos ID# 2071107 Laboratory 1 Electrostatic Demonstrations July 3, 2007 Introduction The purpose of the experiment was to demonstrate the existence of two different types of charge, positive and negative, and determine the electric field inside a charged, hollow conductor. Methods An electroscope was utilized in order to obtain the first part of the experiment. The electroscope was charged through the process of induction, does not involve contact, and conduction, involving contact. Charge rubber and crystal rods were used. As the electroscope was charged it was observed that the conducting leaves at the end diverged, as they became equally charge and a repulsive force was exerted. In the latter part, a
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Unformatted text preview: hollow sphere was charged and a pith ball was suspended near it; in order to determine the electric field inside and near the sphere. Conclusions As it was expected in the first part of the experiment as the electroscope was positively or negatively charged the conducting leaves repelled. This confirmed the theory that like charges repel while unlike charges attract. The second part of the experiment confirmed that inside charged, hollow conductors there is no significant electric field as all the charges remained in the outer surface of the sphere....
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