Children's Hour 2 - Group D 1 Childrens Hour The setting of...

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Unformatted text preview: Group D 1 Childrens Hour The setting of The Childrens Hour is in the study and living room of the Wright- Dobie school for girls which is ten miles from Lancet, Massachusetts and the second setting is in the living room of Mrs. Tilfords house (Hadleigh, 34). The themes in The Childrens Hour are: good vs. evil, friendship, deception, satisfaction vs. forgiveness, guilt vs. innocence (Hadleigh, 36). In the play Mary is punished for picking flowers by Karen. Later on Lily and Martha has conversation which turns into a fight talking about how her aunt should go to London which would be paid for by Mary and Karen. Lily then accuses Martha of being jealous of Dr. Joe and says she is in love with Karen. Two students overhear the conversation between Lily and Martha. Mary decides to run away to her grandmothers house where she convinces her grandmother that Mary and Karen are in a relationship. Rosalie goes and stays at Mrs. Tilfords house. During the stay Mary blackmails Rosalie into saying whatever she says is true. At the end of the play Martha and Karen had a libel suit against Mrs. Tilfords. Also later on in the play Karen brakes off her engagement with Dr. Joe. After Martha finds out that Karen broke off her engagement she tells Karen about how is in love with her. After Martha tell Karen about how she feels she decides to shoot herself. In the end of the play Mrs. Tilford wants to help Karen but Karen doesnt want her help. After consideration by Karen she decided that there is hope for her and Dr. Joe will get back together and she decided she will take Mrs. Tilfords money. The characters are as follows: Agatha is a middle-age maid who is employed by Amelia Tilford. She also believes Martha and Karens arent in a relationship and helps Group D 2 to convince Mrs. Tilford that Mary made up her story to destroy the teachers. Helen Burton is one of the girls at the school. Rosalie borrows Helens bracelet which helps Mary to blackmail Rosalie into saying Marys lies about the two teachers. She is also the first to be pulled out of the school when Mrs. Tilford spreads the rumors that Karen and Martha are lovers. Dr. Joseph Cardin is Karen Wrights fianc. He thinks his cousin, Mary Tilford, is spoiled and a troubled child. During the slander trail of Karen and Martha, Dr. Joe stands by their sides. However, after the trail he starts to have doubt about the relationship of the two teachers. Martha Dobie is Karens friend and a co-owner of their school. Martha is scared that after Dr. Joe and Karen marriage that they will be separated. After Dr. Joe and Karen breakup, Martha feels horrible and confesses her love for Karen was more than a friendship. She also commits suicide. Lily Mortar is Martha aunt and also teaches at the school. She has a soft spot for suck-ups like Mary Tilford. aunt and also teaches at the school....
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Children's Hour 2 - Group D 1 Childrens Hour The setting of...

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