youth3 - Hannah Groom 11-12:15 Tues. and Thurs. At what age...

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Hannah Groom 11-12:15 Tues. and Thurs. At what age can a society expect a person to be accountable for his or her own actions? Kevin Stanford, at age 17 was charged with the crime of raping and murdering a woman. While sitting on death row, Paul Patton, Governor of Kentucky, reversed his sentence to life in prison. Paul Patton’s rationale for this decision was Kevin Stanford’s young age. Paul Patton alleged Kevin Stanford wasn’t old enough to fully comprehend the consequence of his actions at the time he committed the crimes (Brumberg, 123). It is hard to believe that Kevin Stanford couldn’t think to himself “Is it illegal to rape and murder other human beings?” Another young adult was Charley Miller an orphan from New York City who was abused as a child, but when he was 15 years old, he murdered two other boys in the state of Wyoming. He shot and killed these two young boys while they were riding in a boxcar with him (Brumberg, 123). Could Charley Miller have thought to himself before he committed his crime, “If I shoot these boys, could I be in trouble?” People from the age of 13 years old make adult decisions and can fully understand the consequences. At a very young age even before we go to kindergarten most children know harming and killing other people is wrong and will be a punished if caught. As an abused child, Charley Miller should have known how it felt to be physically and mentally hurt by another person. Why would Charley Miller want to spread the same
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pain he went through when he was a child to those two boys and their families? I find it hard to believe Charley Miller, at the age of 15 years old wasn’t mature enough to know taking the life of two people isn’t the right thing to do since we are all taught in some
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youth3 - Hannah Groom 11-12:15 Tues. and Thurs. At what age...

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