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Rina Strenge Dave Ulan CRN: 3940 IS 44 Research Project As technology develops more and more, we begin to see the emergence of more and more problems. Problems such as spyware, phishing, and identity theft are major problems in a technologically advanced society. Not only will these problems continue to grow in the future, we will begin to see new problems pop up that perform much the same function as the early stated bugs. Blogs, while not a computer problem, face the problem of regulations, or lack thereof. These four issues will be discussed in greater depth throughout the report. Spyware Spyware is a problem that is caused by bundled software downloaded from file-sharing programs. The main goal of spy-ware is to track what the user views on the internet and to trigger pop-ups that pertain to the surfer. However, spyware causes great problems to computers. Having numerous small programs running at once greatly slows down the computer speed. Spyware also conflicts with numerous other programs, such as Microsoft Windows XP, not allowing users to install applications such as Windows Service Pack 2. In most instances, a single case of spyware is hardly ever found. EarthLink's SpyAudit program, which scanned 1,062,756 PCs, found 29.5 million instances of spyware, an average of 28 extra programs per computer ( ). Spyware can sneak onto a computer by being bundled with a useful free utility program, or by being an independent program claiming to be useful. Several programs are out there to remove instances of spyware from computers. A very efficient and free program is Spybot: Search and Destroy ( ). Programs such as Ad-Aware do the same thing: search for instances of spyware and remove them from your system. The purpose of spyware is simply to advertise products to the right people, but at great frustration for the user by slowing down their machine and invading them with pop-ups. Phishing
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Research Paper - Rina Strenge Dave Ulan CRN: 3940 IS 44...

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