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Rina Strenge IS 44 Blogs A blog is short for We b log . Essentially, it is a page that serves as a “publicly accessible journal for an individual.” ( Authors are free to write whatever they feel and are able to publish it over the web. Typically blogs are updated each day and contain anything from what is happening in a person’s life to what is going on in the world around them. This way of publishing feelings, opinions and thoughts on virtually anything has many advantages for both individuals and organizations. Individuals and organizations publishing information through a blog have the freedom to talk on any subject, so long as it is not libelous. The blog also offers a simplified and accelerated publishing process. ( It offers information quick and the viewer knows the information published on a blog will change each day. The blog also has many challenges for individuals. It poses first amendment issues on what can and can not be said in a personal journal about the person’s place of
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