EAB3002 Exam 6 Study Guide

EAB3002 Exam 6 Study Guide - EAB3002 Exam 6 Study Guide...

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Aversive Stimuli Those events that organisms evade, avoid, or escape from Primary Aversive Stimuli Organisms do not learn that these stimuli are aversive. They are biologically prepared to avoid or escape such events (Ex: stings, attacks, foul odors) Conditioned Aversive Stimuli Stimuli that become aversive because they are associated with primary aversive events during an animal’s lifetime. To affect behavior, these events usually depend on a history of punishment Punishment When a behavioral contingency results in a decrease in rate of response, the contingency is called a punishment Punisher Any event or stimulus that decreases the rate of operant behavior Positive Punishment A stimulus is presented following an operant and the operant decreases in rate of response (Ex: spanking) Negative Punishment When a stimulus is removed contingent on a response, this removal results in a decrease in rate of behavior (Ex: A child is watching TV, but if the child runs around, the TV is turned off) Premack Principle The opportunity to engage in a higher frequency behavior will reinforce a lower frequency response. Reinforcement is relative, not absolute. Like reinforcement, punishment is relative, not absolute Making punishment more effective… 1. High intensity of punishment 2. Punishment delivered immediately after response 3. Continuous punishment schedule Escape An operant response changes the situation from one in which a negative reinforcer is present to one in which it is absent, for some time period. (Ex: The pit-bull growls at you, and you cross to the other side of the street). There is an immediate change from the presence of the
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EAB3002 Exam 6 Study Guide - EAB3002 Exam 6 Study Guide...

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