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ASSIGNMENT 3: Reading in Data and Other Useful Options Related to Data Sets ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS 10. and 11. See attached sheet with colored print out of datasets. 12. See log for comments. 13. When using the format statement, SAS changes order of things and makes it alphabetical so care has to be taken so that contrasts actually reflect what we want. A way to check is to use an ESTIMATE statement to compare the estimated differences with those printed out. To solve this we could add consecutive numbers in front of variables or another way would be to use an ORDER = FORMATTED option with
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Unformatted text preview: PROC FREQ. This option causes PROC FREQ to use the formatted values rather than the internal raw values when ordering values for tables. 14. When using PROC FORMAT we must be closely aware of the order of things. See Answer to question 14 for ways to solve problem. 15. ODS customizes the Outputs: ods trace on turns on the ods and shows table names in log ods exclude excludes specified tables from the output ods select only writes specified tables to output ods output creates SAS data set from specified tables ods trace off turns off ODS and keeps log clean...
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