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GeoSci Study Guide Lec. 1 & 2 -Stabilization Triangle -In the past 60 years the amount of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere increased about 8GtC/y -7GtC/y of carbon will be released into the atmosphere according to the “Business-as- Usual” -A “ Wedge” is a strategy to reduce carbon emissions that grows in 50 years from zero to 1.0 GtC/y. A single wedge represents 25GtC. -ppm? Wedges (to help reduce carbon emission): 1. Renewable Electricity and fuels 2. Energy Efficiency and Conservation 3. Fuel Switch 4. Nuclear Fission 5. Forests and Soils 6. CO2 capture and storage Energy- is the capacity or ability to do work; Translation or Motion, force acting over some distance Kinetic Energy- (1/2mv^2)* Motion Potential Energy- (mGh)* Position - Units of measurement for energy: joules or (Kilograms)(m/sec^2)(m) M= Mass (kg) v= Velocity (meters/sec); G=Gravitational acceleration (9.8 meters/ sec^2); h=height (meters) Thermal Energy Calorie- heat energy required to raise temperature of one gram of water by 1 degree Celsius. (Calorie=4.185 joules) Chemical Energy (kcal/mole) (kj/mole) Nuclear Reactions
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-E=mc^2 (c is speed of light) - electron volt (eV)= 1.6 x 10^-19 joules -Units g (m/sec)^2=g x m/s^2 x m= joule Laws of Thermodynamics: Conservation of Energy-
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GeoSci Study Guide - GeoSci Study Guide Lec. 1 & 2...

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