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Unformatted text preview: North America Experienced profound changes in the last several centuries - the arrival of Columbus - Industrial revolution in the 1870s - Post-industrial/information society PostDominated by production and manipulation of information, skilled services and high technology manufacturing Where does the US lead? What do we export? What do we import? The US Leads in: Billionaires: Billionaires: 371 worth a reported $1.1 trillion 100 Years Ago in the US The average life expectancy = 47 years Only 14% of the homes had a bathtub Only 8% of the homes had a telephone There were only 8,000 cars in the U.S., and only 144 miles of paved roads The average wage in the U.S. = 22 cents/hour > 95% of births took place at home Most women only washed their hair once a month Crossword puzzles, canned beer, and ice tea not invented yet Marijuana, heroin, and morphine were all available over the counter at drugstores Internet Users: 205.3 million Users: Nobel Prize winners: 296 winners: Roads: 3.98 million miles Airports: 14,858 Gold reserves: $157.88 billion reserves: 2004 Olympic medals: 102 in the summer games Military abroad: abroad: 460,000 armed forces stationed in 144 countries Interesting Facts The world's largest GDP ($13.3 trillion), but also the largest national debt ($8.6 trillion) Consumes a quarter of the world's oil every year Spends > 15% of our GDP, or $5,700/person per year on health care We consume more calories per capita than citizens in any other nation We lead the world in the prevalence of obesity Interesting Facts Cont'd Highest rate of incarceration: 737/100,000 people, incarceration: or 2.2 million The 4th highest number of executions (60 in 2005, trailing China, Iran and Saudi Arabia) Crime: 3rd in rape rates, after S. Africa and Canada 15th highest in murder rate Infant deaths: 33 countries have lower rates deaths: Women in national legislatures: 71 countries do legislatures: better Voting: Of eligible citizens who vote, U.S. is 139th of 172 nations 1. Canada and the US Define the region Area (1000 sq. miles) U.S. Canada 3,717.8 3,849.7 Population (million) 297.1 32.2 US 50 states DC Canada 10 Provinces British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Newfoundland 3 "Maritime Provinces:" New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia 3 territories 3 Territories in Canada Yukon -- Whitehorse Northwest Yellowknife Nunavut Iqaluit "Our land" Eastern 2/3 of the Northwest A new territory since 1999 1.9 million sq. km Pop: 26,745 (Capital 4300) Economy: subsistence, mining, tourism, fur... C C A A N N A A D D A A Alike in many ways - European cultural imprints prevail - English language Canada: English and French share equal status - English: - French: - Others: 62% of the population 24% 14% - Overwhelming majority of people adhere to Christian faiths - Most people trace ancestries to European countries - Rich, wealthy, highly urbanized, highly industrialized societies Amerindians and Inuit (formerly Eskimos): 2% The Americanization of Canada? Many Canadians have been haunted by a disturbing question: Would there even be a Canada in 25 years, or would the country become, for all practical purposes, the 51st American state? 2. PHYSIOGRAPHIC REGIONS Physiographic regions - Pacific Mts - Rocky Mts - Great Plains - Interior Lowlands - Appalachian highlands - Gulf-Atlantic Coastal Plain Gulf- Glaciations shaped the landscape Mountain Glacier Pre-Bull Lake PreBull Lake ----Pinedale 1,650,000 yrs ago 600,000 yrs ago 198,000 73,000 50,000 18,000 Climate Temp. varies N-S NPrecip. Tends to Precip. decline toward west Maroon Bells, Colorado 3. Population Distribution Why should we even care? Intellectual curiosity Political - the electorate - Congressional representation - revenue sharing - $185 billion Economic Top 10 states by population CA TX NY FL IL PA OH MI NJ NC - 33.9 million - 20.9 - 19 - 16 - 12.4 - 12.3 - 11.4 - 10 - 8.4 - 8.1 POPULATION DISTRIBUTION Westward Expansion 4 Centuries of Expansion & Resettlement, after Establishment of 1st Permanent European settlement on the NE coast Colonial Era of the 17th and 18th centuries 3 British Colonial Regions: Northern (New England) Specialized in commerce Middle Atlantic small independent farmers Southern Chesapeake Bay large-scale plantation farming of tobacco Expansion & Resettlement Slowly at first Accelerated after 1800 Soon after independence, the "Old Northwest" (OH, MI, IN, IL, WI) was settled 1820s Swept across the Mississippi 1890s Reached the Pacific In 1893, F. J. Turner suggested that the American frontier be closed, with the buffalo herds wiped out and native populations down to a few tribes THE IMMIGRANT EXPERIENCE: 1820-1980 THE IMMIGRANT EXPERIENCE: 1820-1980 10000 Immigration in 1000s South/East Europe Germany Latin America Asia Changing Source Areas of Immigration 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 8000 6000 4000 2000 1820 1840 British Isles Scandinavia 1860 1880 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 NW Europe SE Europe Latin Amer Asia Push Factors +1840s: Irish Potato Famine +1850-1920: Overpopulation, War +Recent: Overpopulation, War, Oppression Pull Factors +Economic Opportunity +Political/Religious Freedom +Land Availability 1820-60 18611900 1901-20 1961-70 1971-80 Setting the Plains The Great Plains was once a region of Indians and bison The Great Plains was settled b/w 18501890 Song of the Kansas Emigrants By John G. Whittier We cross the prairie as of old Our fathers crossed the sea To make the West as they the East The homestead of the free We go to rear a wall of men On Freedom's southern line And plant beside the cotton tree The rugged northern pine Daniel Kelly wrote "Home on the Range" in 1873 The Settling of the West was the greatest American epic of all The West is a place of adventure, and unredeemable violence It has the spirit of the vast, larger-than-life territory larger- thanwhose turbulent history and powerful myths have made it the potent symbol of the American nation But the old myth has lost its apparent simplicity and innocence Western Films Gunsmoke Cheyenne The Rifleman Have Gun, Will Travel Maverick Lonesome Dove (1989) Unforgiven The Quick and the Dead Dances with Wolves The Changing Center of the U.S. Population The Buffalo Commons? Popper & Popper: White depopulation would accelerate, as it became clear that farming and building towns on the arid Plains was "the largest, longest-running longestagricultural and environmental miscalculation in American history." "If the government ever pulled out, the Buffalo Commons would come on like a storm." F. Popper Kansas "simply wonderful?" Kansas, as big as you think Kansas, in sum, is one of our finest states and lives a sane, peaceful and prosperous life. Pearl S. Buck KSU Student Residential Preferences N PSU Student Residential Preferences N KSU_ave 8.8 - 20.7 20.7 - 32.6 32.6 - 44.5 44.5 - 56.4 56.4 - 68.3 PSU_ave 0 - 20.7 20.7 - 32.6 32.6 - 44.5 44.5 - 56.4 56.4 - 69.2 ...
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