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PSY CH 4 - Chapter 4 Sensation and Perception Sensation and...

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Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception Sensation and Perception: The Distinction 0. Sensation : stimulation of sense organs 1. Perception : selection, organization, and interpretation of sensory input 2. Psychophysics = the study of how physical stimuli are translated into psychological experience Psychophysics: Basic Concepts 3. Sensation begins with a detectable stimulus 4. Fechner : the concept of the threshold 0. Absolute threshold : detected 50% of the time 1. Just noticeable difference (JND) : smallest difference detectable 5. Weber’s law : size of JND proportional to size of initial stimulus Psychophysics: Concepts and Issues 6. Signal-Detection Theory : Sensory processes + decision processes 7. Subliminal Perception : Existence vs. practical effects 8. Sensory Adaptation : Decline in sensitivity Vision: The Stimulus 9. Light = electromagnetic radiation 2. Amplitude : perception of brightness 3. Wavelength : perception of color 4. Purity : mix of wavelengths 10. perception of saturation , or richness of colors. The Eye: Converting Light into Neural Impulses 11. The eye: housing and channeling 12. Components: 5. Cornea : where light enters the eye 6. Lens : focuses the light rays on the retina 7. Iris : colored ring of muscle, constricts or dilates via amount of light 8. Pupil : regulates amount of light
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The Retina: An Extension of the CNS 13. Retina : absorbs light, processes images 14. Optic disk : optic nerve connection/blind spot 15. Receptor cells : 9. Rods : black and white/low light vision 10. Cones : color and daylight vision 16. Adaptation: becoming more or less sensitive to light as needed 17. Information processing: 11. Receptive fields 12. Lateral antagonism The Retina and the Brain: Visual Information Processing
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PSY CH 4 - Chapter 4 Sensation and Perception Sensation and...

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