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Michael O 1 Michael O Lisa Jackson-Schebetta Drama 101 AB 30 January 2008 The Breach Permeates Into a Renowned Play Water is a powerful and deadly element in this world which can lead to death, but is essential for survival on a daily basis. On that note, The Breach recreates the aftermath of the effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans with the use of multiple elements. The most prominent component in the play is the use of water. Water is the unified theme that bonds all living things together. In this particular case, water seeps into the lives of each individual in different ways whether it is through survival, in search of rescue, or clarifying the destruction of the breach. Even though water initially causes a major devastation and hardship among each character, it also resolves personal matters within the individual. There are three plots going on throughout the play. With the encounter of Hurricane Katrina, everyone is forced to deal with their current and personal problems at hand. And so the role of the characters allow water to be seen in a variety of ways than just the ordinary substance we drink every day. In the scenario with the old barkeeper with multiple sclerosis, Mac encounters a dilemma in which he should be dead but continues to persist. Mac struggles from the
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Drama 101 - Michael O Michael O Lisa Jackson-Schebetta...

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