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Fossil_Fuel_Reserve_Data - US supply is imported Arctic...

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Fossil Fuel Reserve Data OIL Total Reserves: World 1 - 2 trillion bbls; US 200 billion bbls. Reserves Used to Date: World 400 billion bbls (50% of this has been used in the last two decades); US 80 billion bbls (of the remaining US total reserves of 120 billion bbls, only about 30 billion bbls are proven reserves). Used per year: World 28 billion bbls; US 7 billion bbls. Used per day: World 80 millon bbls (2003); US 20 million bbls (2003). Projected 60% increase in usage by 2020 will result in annual use of: World 45 billion bbls; US 11 billion bbls. US has about 3% of the total reserves, but uses 25% of total production; presently about 55% of
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Unformatted text preview: US supply is imported. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: USGS estimates total reserves at 10 to 16 billion bbls; may be as little as 3.5 billion bbls (2 year maximum supply at current use). Present global oil burning yields about 5.8 billion tonnes* of carbon dioxide emissions per year (by 2020 this will increase to about 9.8 billion tonnes). COAL Total Reserves: World 10 trillion tonnes; US 290 billion tonnes (about 30% of all reserves; actual total may be 10X this amount); most is unmined; 250 to 300 year supply at projected use. *bbl = barrel = 42 gallons; tonnes = metric tonnes...
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