US History 1865 notes

US History 1865 notes - US History 1865-Present 2/18 Notes...

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US History 1865-Present 2/18 Notes Deaths 2 million Germans 1 Million Frenchmen almost 1 million Englishmen and Austrians 500,000 Italians unknown number of Russians 50,000 US The Home Front in Europe and US Political centralization – Economic Regimentation - Thought Control – State Propaganda World war I Homefront and overseas Consequences Thesis: WWI made us supreme economic power, strengthened corporate concentration, sanctioned labor rights, precipitated black migration to north, resulted in woman suffrage and crisis in civil liberties US Global Economic strength – the us surpassed all the great European powers in industrial production, foreign trade and financial strength. Chief supplier of manufactured goods and agricultural goods of the whole world. And the greatest consumer of raw goods. Went from a debtor to a creditor nation, providing loans for its allies. NY replaces London as the worlds economic center. 12 billion dollars extended to the allies of US during the first World War. Mobilization of economy and people – total mobilization of the economy, meaning industrial sector of the US is essentially orchestrated by the federal government. A War Industry’s Board. Managed production of raw materials and distribution of manufactured goods. Foreign trade and capital investment were controlled and subsidized by the federal government. Consumption of food and fuel was regulated and rationed. Transcontinental railroad system truly established at WWI because of a unified system of
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US History 1865 notes - US History 1865-Present 2/18 Notes...

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