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Ryan Stanley Hist 0601 Was formal control of the Philippines at the turn of the twentieth century necessary for the United States to become a leading economic and military power in the world? Against taking control of the Philippines 1) Currently, the mass production that is paired with the ideas of expansion is not complementary to our economy, which is going through a depression that disallows the purchasing on a larger scale. 2) To get to the point of economic and political control of the Philippines, there would be a very high cost to make the expansion because of the troops and everything that is needed to gain control. 3) It will cost the United States thousands of valuable lives for a cause that isn’t worth it as well as hundreds of thousands of innocent lives on the other end. 4) Taking control of a self-governed nation is not a good way for the United States
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Unformatted text preview: to spread our beliefs and values of democracy and Christianity. 5) For Taking control of the Philippines 1) This expansion would give industries a chance to develop mass production, increasing the availability of products in the foreign and domestic markets 2) Economy of industries and agriculture would be improved because the foreign markets would help any surplus of our goods. 3) These lives are going to be lost nevertheless because of the war that is occurring in the Philippines, the United States is helping their nation in the long run with political stability and economic security. 4) The Filipinos are not capable of governing themselves, Americans are doing them a favor by giving them a more balanced and stable system under which they can support themselves 5)...
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