25 debate - could be achieved through economic security and...

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Ryan Stanley 2 PM Recitation US History 1865 – Present 1/25/08 – Non-Debater Outline Debate Question: From the vantage point of 1910, did Booker T. Washington or W.E.B. Du Bois design the better strategy to help African Americans cope with the failure of Reconstruction to guarantee the legal rights and equal economic opportunities? For Booker T. Washington 1) With Washington’s outline, the African-American economic situation would be improved as he called for advancement in vocational schools to build upon skills in order to help upgrade their economy. 2) With the cooperation of both races in the south, many of which who had already embraced the ideas given by Washington, the Booker T. Washington route to action could reach civil rights just as quickly. 3) Compromise with the white community would allow further advancement rather than aggressive action. 4) Intense action with movements such as the Niagara movement were only agitating each community and slowing the progress of African-Americans that
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Unformatted text preview: could be achieved through economic security and cooperation between both sides. For W.E.B Du Bois 1) Booker T. Washington was not helping African Americans achieve higher civil and political rights, instead he aimed his focus at only helping the African-American economic status. 2) Washington’s idea of addressing the racial equality problems after the African-American economy was updated and stable was a bad idea because it would take much too long for the economy to catch up in the first place 3) Washington’s conservative views were just accepting the white views of African-American inferiority rather than implementing the true views and goals of the African-American society 4) With actions like the Niagara movement, the white community could see the immediate action that was wanted for the African American community from the highly educated such as the large group of black college students...
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25 debate - could be achieved through economic security and...

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