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Kempton_study_guide - since the 1960s Why is the emergence...

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For quiz and exam purposes, your working knowledge of the conclusions and key points presented by Kempton et al. in Environmental Values in American Culture should allow you to answer variations of the following questions: 1. What percentage of the American population views itself as “environmentalist?” 2. When considering how humans relate to scientific information, why is it important for scientists to communicate scientific ideas, theories, etc. as cogently as possible? 3. How does a society’s cultural framework shape its understanding of environmental issues? 4. What elements comprise the “core set” of American cultural beliefs and values? Are environmental values a recognizable part of this deep-seated core, or do they mostly represent personal opinion? 5. What is the nature of the “post-industrial world view” that has developed in America
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Unformatted text preview: since the 1960s? Why is the emergence of such a viewpoint more typical of developed countries than developing ones? 6. Does modern environmentalism have any significant effect on the American population’s marketing or voting behavior? Should politicians and CEOs pay any attention to the public’s environmental concerns? 7. What is the difference between a mental model and a cultural model? What are some examples of environmental models used by Americans for interpretative purposes? How can these models ultimately lead to both positive and negative environmental consequences (consider examples from America’s settlement)? 8. How do religious, anthropocentric, and biocentric values differ? Be prepared to recognize examples of each of these value sets....
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