comm semester project 1

comm semester project 1 - Jillian Reilly and Ryan Stanley...

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Jillian Reilly and Ryan Stanley Joe Sery Thursday 1:00 Semester Project Paper 1 Oct . 18 The Breakfast Club: Beating the Host Culture The 80’s classic, The Breakfast Club , brings together five very different people to one common place, Saturday detention . The group faces different communication styles due to their different stereotypes . There is a jock, nerd, bad boy, prom queen and a burn out brought together against their will, with all different people, to one common place . Each group that the students belong to is known for their unique styles of communicating with each other . Even though this group of high school students looks like they have many differences on the outside, spending their Saturday locked up in the school for Saturday detention together allows them to see that they are very similar people on the inside . The main setting of the movie is the library of a high school . Throughout the movie, there are scenes in different parts of the high school such as the hallways or the principle’s office but they are only brief parts of the movie . At first, the students all sat at separate desks and did not talk to each other but as the movie went on they slowly began moving to other parts of the library such as the upper level to sit together and talk so that they can help the day of detention pass a little faster . The group goes to the same high school and is the same age but the differences in their social groups are apparent when they begin to talk and communicate with each other during the Saturday detention . Andrew is part of the jocks and athletes group . He wrestles for the high school and is
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your typical “all-American boy” . All of his friends are also run with the jock crowd . They probably give each other high-fives and call each other “dude” . Brian is the nerd of the group . He is very smart and probably does not have a very active social life with his friends . He is known as being one of the smartest kids (which in turn means one of the dorkiest kids) in the high school . Many of the teachers really like him as a student in their class . He is known for being a teachers’ pet . John is the epitome of the bad boy . He is a regular to Saturday detention
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comm semester project 1 - Jillian Reilly and Ryan Stanley...

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