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bestyearsofourlives - realizes that even though he just...

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Ryan Stanley “The best years of our lives” scene selection draft The Best Years of Our Lives is one of the most poignant pieces of our culture about the homecoming of soldiers and life after war. One of the most effective scenes in this great film is shown through the struggles of one of the main characters, Fred. Fred is just recently returning from war to his spouse, Marie, only to find that times have changed since he left. When Fred first arrives home, the mood is touching because of the beautiful reuniting of the couple that had been separated for quite some time. However, a more intense scene arrives some time later when Fred becomes stressed about his economic situation. This point in the story is very effective because of the contrast between the homecoming and the epiphany of their problems. Fred becomes flustered because he
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Unformatted text preview: realizes that even though he just came back from war, no one is going to cut him any slack since he doesn’t have any trade skills. When Marie sees this truth as well, they begin to argue about how they will be eating as well as how they will be living in the near future. The scene is so valuable because it strongly conveys the immediate struggles of the average veteran returning from war. Marie soon becomes more and more upset because of the laughable job of a soda jerk that Fred has to use as his career with his lack of dexterity. As Fred learns more about how things will be changing in his new life with more conflicts, Marie begins to turn into one of the conflicts. The piece turns out to be even more moving when the audience witnesses a couple lose their relationship over an economic problem that sprung because of the war....
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