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Items that everyone got credit for: 2, 6, 7, 8, 29, 33, 35, 49. For item 9, I decided to give everyone an extra point (on top of the point that some of you got for actually getting that question correct). I am doing this because I don’t want you to be bitter about this, that would defy the purpose and make it less likely that you will try to understand the point of the question. So please read #9 and see if you can find something there that’s helpful. Since I have your attention, let me mention something about laptops in class. I find it distracting to see that you are surfing the web during class (I can tell when you are pointing out something funny to a neighbor). I can also tell that this is distracting to students sitting behind those screens. I think you can easily understand that the wireless connection was not put in the building for that purpose, and it would be too bad if your teachers requested it be turned off because it is distracting many of us. As a matter of respect for me, and others in class, please do not connect to the web or do email during class (including emailing me- I would rather you raise your hand or wait after class). Thank you in advance. Dr. Gauthier __________________________________ 1. What is the relationship between the three theories of color vision? a. The trichromatic theory was replaced by the opponent process theory, which was later replaced by the retinex theory. b. Only the retinex theory accounts for color afterimages. c. All three theories are correct and complementary. d. All three theories are now known to be false. 2. Selective attrition, the tendency for some kinds of people to be more likely to drop out of a study, would be especially problematic for an experimenter’s effort to: a. use a cross-sectional design b. avoid cohort effects c. use representative sampling d. measure correlations comment : Everyone got credit for this one. The intended answer was C. That’s because the point of representative sampling is to try to get a sample that matches properties of the population (e.g., the same proportion of African Americans) but if some kinds of people drop out, then the sample will not be representative anymore. 3. The confidence interval _________ when the sample size decreases a. doubles b. decreases c. increases d. is not influenced
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comment: You need to remember that if the confidence interval around a value is large, it is because you do not know precisely what the value is. E.g., if I say that 56% of people +-20 will vote Republican based on my survey, you can tell that there is a large confidence interval and not much precision. One way to get more precision (and smaller confidence intervals) is to collect more data. 4. Unrelated adopted children reared in the same family tend to have more similar
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TEST1_key - Items that everyone got credit for 2 6 7 8 29...

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