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Statistics_ Quiz 1 - Assessment Statistics: Quiz 1

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Assessment Statistics: Quiz 1 .. 1 of 4 1/30/08 11:05 PM 2008.01.SPR.AS.EES.100.01 ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY > CONTROL PANEL > GRADEBOOK VIEWS > VIEW GRADES BY GRADEBOOK ITEM > ITEM OPTIONS > ASSESSMENT STATISTICS: QUIZ 1 Assessment Statistics: Quiz 1 The statistics are calculated based only on the attempts being used in the grading option (Last attempt, First attempt, Lowest Score, Highest Score, or Average of Scores). If Average of Scores is the grading option, then all attempts are included in the statistics. Name Quiz 1 Average Score 8.56 Attempts 77 (Total of 77 attempts for this assessment) Graded Attempts 77 Attempts Needing Grading 0 Instructions Read each question carefully before choosing the most appropriate answer from those provided. WARNING! Do not leave the test site or engage in other computer related activity ( e.g. checking email, instant messaging) until you have submitted your final answers. Question 1 Multiple Choice Average Score 0.45 points In 2007, the developed country of Elsewhere had 17.8 live births and 9.4 deaths per 1000 inhabitants. In the same period, 4.8 persons per 1000 crossed the border from neighboring Verycloseby to become citizens of Elsewhere, while 1.2 per 1000 Elsewherians became expatriots in a small developing country in the tropics. What was the resulting annual growth rate for Elsewhere in 2007? Correct Answers Percent Answered 14.4% 0% 1.2% 89.61% 1.4% 1.299% 3.3% 0% 12.0% 9.091% Unanswered 0% Question 2 Multiple Choice Average Score 0.38 points A natural population undergoing logistic growth will increase until reaching the carrying capacity of the environment and will then Correct Answers Percent Answered quickly become extinct. 0% grow much more slowly. 11.688% stop growing. 75.325% decline quickly. 9.091% move to a more favorable environment. 3.896% Unanswered 0% Question 3 Multiple Choice Average Score 0.47 points In his 1798 essay, the British economist Thomas Malthus first suggested that Correct Answers Percent Answered biodiversity provides evolutionary options. 0% material possessions define human social status. 0% diseases are caused by poor hygiene practices. 2.597% resource availability limits population growth . 94.805% all of these answers are correct. . 2.597%
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Statistics_ Quiz 1 - Assessment Statistics: Quiz 1

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