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my fiction story - Letting Go"Hey Tammy Ill be right back I...

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Letting Go “Hey Tammy, I’ll be right back. I just need to use the restroom,” I said to my girlfriend as I slipped one of the restaurant spoons into my coat pocket. When I got to the bathroom I quickly checked all the stalls to see if anyone was in the bathroom. I had to act fast before someone came in and heard me throwing up. “Are you ready to go?” Tammy asked me as I came back to the table. My girlfriend Tammy is seriously, the best girlfriend ever. I know everyone says that about their girlfriend. But I swear that mine is the best. Over the past year, she is always there for me, but I feel guilty about not telling her about my…condition. How am I supposed to bring it up? I want help, but I don’t know how to get the help. “Yea, I have to meet up with at the dance studio. She wants me to preview her new ballet routine.” My twin sister Emma and I are joined at the hip. Not literally of course. But she really is my best friend. She was the one that comforted me through my horrible high school years. All those years of being picked on for my being somewhat overweight, having food thrown at me during lunch time and being tripped in the hallways took its toll on me. Even after being in college for two years, it still makes me teary-eyed when I think about how terrible high school was for me. Emma always tried to be there for me even though she never had to go through what I had to endure. Even though we’re twins, one would expect us to have always been alike. But, in high school Emma was always the “pretty twin.” Thin, beautiful brunette, who was an amazing dancer. Emma was and still is my role model.
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“Thanks so much for brunch today babe. You’re always so good to me.” I said as I held Tammy’s hand. Just holding her hand was enough to always make me feel better. Her hands were so soft, delicate and beautiful. “ Did I ever tell you how much I love you. And that I am thankful for you every single day?” “Yea, you always do Ash. I love you more than you’ll probably ever know. I love being around you all the time. You always keep my sprits up.” When Tammy dropped me off at my apartment that I shared with Emma, I changed out of my cute little summer dress and into my much more comfortable track pants and jacket. Then I walked over to the mirror to re-do my make-up and hair. As I looked in the mirror, my reflection stared back at me with a depressed and lost look. The same look that I see every morning. A single tear streamed down my face. It is almost as if I’ve gotten used to seeing myself in the mirror and not being happy with who I was. Everyday I’m disgusted with how I throw up all the time. I want to stop, but I can’t. This whole binging and purging thing overwhelms and controls me. RIIINNNNGGG!!!! The sound of my cell phone interrupted my usual negative
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my fiction story - Letting Go"Hey Tammy Ill be right back I...

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