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SYLLABUS Dr. Linda Strahan Phone: (951)827-1383 Office Hours: MWF 11-12 English 001A: Beginning Composition Prerequisite: fulfillment of ELWR This course will introduce students to the strategies of personal writing in a multicultural context. Required Texts: The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing, Axelrod and Cooper The McGraw-Hill Handbook, Maimon, et al The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini Course Requirements and Grading Policy: Each student is expected to attend class regularly and participate in class discussions and workshops. In order to be a contributing member of the class and/or a particular group, familiarity with the assigned readings and completion of the pre-writing activities is essential. Preparation for class will be reflected in the final grade. Specific Graded Assignments: 1. two oral presentations 2. two short essays (500 words each) 3. one in-class essay (750 words) 4. one long essay (1000 words) 5. eight summaries (125 words each) 6. three Blackboard postings (250 words each) 7. five responses to postings (100 words each) 8. homework/classwork/quizzes 9. a final exam Point Value of Each Assignment: 1. oral presentations (5 points each) =10 points 2. classwork/homework/quizzes = 8 points 3. summaries (2 points each) =16 points 4. postings (2 points each) = 6 points 5. responses (1 point each) = 5 points
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6. short essay #1
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SYLLABUS Eng 1A - SYLLABUS Dr Linda Strahan...

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