HI20 2007Sp Syllabus

HI20 2007Sp Syllabus - History 20, Spring 2007 Lecture: UV...

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History 20, Spring 2007 M-W-F 9:40-10:30   Lecture:  UV Theatre 9   HIST-20-050 -- World History 20 th Century FACULTY INFORMATION Instructor: John Master Office: HMNSS 4403 E-mail: john.master@ucr.edu Phone: 827-1985 (no voicemail) Office Hours: M-W-F 10:40-11:30 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course examines the principal events in World History during the 20 th Century. Although the survey course format does not permit us to achieve much depth in any topic, we will consider some of the major events and processes that altered the direction of world politics, culture, society, and international relations during the past century. Each student should be enrolled in a discussion section. TEXTS History is a discipline of the written word. It is important that you obtain the required texts, not only because some assignments are text-based but because the book establishes the framework from which lectures will work. The following texts are available for sale through the bookstore: William J. Duiker. Twentieth-Century World History . Thomson Wadsworth, 2007. 0-495-09592-3. 4 th Edition. Roger Ransom,et al, editors. Twentieth Century Civilizations . Thomson Wadsworth, 2003. 0-759-32306- 2. Third edition. Timothy Cheek. Mao Zedong and China’s Revolutions: A Brief History with Documents . Bedord St. Martin’s 2002. 0-312-25626-4 ATTENDANCE Teaching assistants will take attendance at section. Students with more than two unexcused absences from discussion section will fail the course. Athletes should provide their T.A. with the dates they must miss class due to athletic events in writing by the end of Week 2.
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HI20 2007Sp Syllabus - History 20, Spring 2007 Lecture: UV...

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