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1Alex Vassilio 26860039 11/27/07 Chapter 12 Critical Thinking 2. A. Yes, hackers who gain unapproved access should be punished because regardless of the premise under which they commit their crime they are still committing a crime and without authorization their act is not helpful but in fact a hindrance. B. Unless the hacker is employed by a corporation or other software developer specifically to find faults in software then could cause damage beyond what they intended, even when hackers are occasionally beneficial and point out faults in software, the only reason those faults are a problem is that there are people like the hackers attempting to crash it, and so they are only propagating the problem. C. It is unethical for developers not to share security risks with users, because the risks in that software are also risks for the users and they should be aware of all possible threats so that they can try to protect against them. 3. A. Employees should be allowed to use internet access during their work day as long as it does
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