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CRWT 056 Syllabus - CRWT 056 Office Hours Olmstead 2342 M...

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CRWT 056 Instructor: Mary Copeland Office Hours: Olmstead 2342 MWF 8:10-9:00 a.m. [email protected] Creative Writing 056: Introduction to Creative Writing Course Description and Objectives Welcome to Introduction to Creative Writing! Students in this class will learn craft techniques for writing literary fiction and poetry. Good writers are good readers, so you will first read work by writers in each genre and analyze what makes these pieces successful poems or stories. Through the readings, you will gain a greater understanding of how a writer constructs a literary work. You will be expected to write your own original pieces—one work of short fiction and two poems—with these techniques in mind. These well-considered drafts will be submitted to the class in a workshop setting where you will receive comments from your fellow students. The goals of these discussions are on what you have done well and what needs to be improved in your manuscript. For the midterm and final, you will submit thorough revisions to the instructor. These should demonstrate what you have learned from having your work read and discussed by your peers. Required Texts and Supplies Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft by Jane Burroway & Susan Weinberg (ISBN 0321117956) The Poet’s Companion Course Requirements Homework, Exercises, Quizzes, and Critiques: 25% Poetry Workshop Submission: 10% Poetry Midterm Revision: 15% Fiction Workshop Submission: 10% Fiction Final Revision: 15% Participation: 25% Participation Guidelines Participation in class discussions is absolutely necessary. You should come to class always prepared to listen and to speak your mind. Since 25% of your grade is based on participation, please don’t let shyness become an obstacle for you in this class. While some students may feel uncomfortable sharing their ideas in class, student opinions are absolutely relevant and vital in a workshop environment. Attendance Policies Because the workshop environment relies on the participation of all students, attendance is mandatory. No late work will be accepted without a doctor’s note or proof of emergency circumstances. You may not email assignments without prior permission from the instructor. If you need to miss a class, please inform the instructor ahead of time so that you might arrange alternate opportunities.
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Please note: The instructor reserves the right to lower the final grade of any student with more than two unexcused absences. Cases of extreme absence may be subject to failure in course. Tardiness Policies
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CRWT 056 Syllabus - CRWT 056 Office Hours Olmstead 2342 M...

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