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Force Table Lab - Force Table Mark Wojoski 249736331 Justin...

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Force Table Mark Wojoski – 249736331 Justin Howe Abstract: In the experiment, force table, the experimenters observed two vectors and three vectors at equilibrium by using pulleys and weighted string. The experimenters noted that after 10 grams and 5 degrees that the equilibrium was disrupted. The experimenters then set up a non-symmetric, by placing one pulley at 0 degrees with a 120 gram mass, one pulley at 90 degrees with a 90 gram mass, and one pulley at 217 degrees with a 150 gram mass. The experimenters then did vector algebra to prove that the vectors were at equilibrium with the same uncertainty, 10 grams and 5 degrees.
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Introduction: There are two types of quantities in mathematics and science, scalar quantities and vector qualities. A vector quantity has both a magnitude and a direction, while a scalar quantity has only a magnitude and no defined direction. A system is multiple forces acting on one central object. There are many different ways to put a system at equilibrium. The forces acting on a central object are called vectors; they have both magnitudes and directions. Sir Isaac Newton worked with vectors in the seventeenth century with the apple falling from the tree. The force of gravity was at equilibrium with the normal force while attached to the tree. Eventually the force of gravity became to great, with the added mass of the growing apple, and equilibrium was disturbed causing the apple to fall to the ground. Just as the apple in the tree had equal forces acting in
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Force Table Lab - Force Table Mark Wojoski 249736331 Justin...

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