Descartes - human error The answer to this is that God has...

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Drew Iadanza Professor Mekios November 25, 2007 GP 100 Rene Descartes: Human Error In the fourth Mediation everything revolves around humans compared against God. This is how Descartes helps explain human error. We need the knowledge from the third meditation to completely understand his reasoning. As stated by Descartes human error depends simultaneously on intellect and will. He then goes and explains how intellect cannot be the cause of human error. His explanation for this is that intellect allows us to perceive ideas not make judgments and therefore is not a source of error. That leaves us with the thought that will must be the cause of error. Descartes explains the idea of will being a source of error using the idea of God as a perfect being. He says that humans and God have the same amount of will. Now this makes you ask, If God is perfect and we have the same amount of will, how can there be
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Unformatted text preview: human error? The answer to this is that God has infinite knowledge supporting his will. Humans on the other hand have limited knowledge and learn through their experiences. Will is not the cause of error. Humans commit human error because they don’t have the knowledge to back up their will. Human’s free will and human’s lack of knowledge combined and are responsible for human error. Augustine’s theory on evil is best summarized like this. If God is a perfect being and not evil how than how can evil exist. This is similar to the Human Error question in that in both instances God is perfect. Also in both instances the writer is searching for a reason to explain humans deficiencies. Augustine is trying to explain human’s evil in regards God being perfect. Descartes is trying to explain human error also in regards to God being perfect....
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Descartes - human error The answer to this is that God has...

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