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Drew Iadanza Paper 4: Nietzsche 12/3/07 Nietzsche has a very interesting definition of nihilism. According to Nietzsche nihilism is, “the will to nothingness.” He believes nihilism is the result of valuing a non- existent “higher” being. This leads to the belief that all mortal or human ideas are valueless. Nietzsche even went as far to proclaim that, “God is dead,” a controversial statement in nineteenth century Europe. When Nietzsche writes about the, “diminution and leveling of European man,” he makes a valid argument. European man at Nietzsche’s time was imperialistically natured. Modernization was running rampant across Europe and the colonies of Europe. Europeans were doing less and less work. In the minds of the Europeans the world was getting easier for them. These words of Nietzsche are his idea of what was happening in Europe, “I believe its one of the greatest crises.” He then says that whether man can recover is, “A question of his strength.”
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Unformatted text preview: Nietzsche believed that nihilism must be overcome to have a foundation for humanity to strive upon. According to Nietzsche’s definition of nihilism above, nihilism can’t be the downfall of man. Man wasn’t losing the will to achieve goals. Man was making it easier to accomplish the same goals. The same amount of work was being done just by alternate means. This idea is supported mathematically and scientifically. Whether a machine or a human does the work it all equals out. People may be getting lazy, to make up for this new inventions are being constructed. Man is not headed towards, “the will to nothingness.” Mans strive to make life easier in this sense is actually thwarting nihilism. The will of man to make life easier is allowing him to come up with new ideas and continue to modernize. Nietzsche has his ideas about the effect of nihilism on Europe and modern mankind in general backwards....
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