Meno - under the great sophist Georgias When Socrates...

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Drew Iadanza 9/19/07 GP 100 Prof. Mekios Meno The Socratic Method is one of questioning designed to help someone understand. In Plato’s “Meno” it seems to have the opposite effect. “Meno” is the story of the old Philosopher Socrates and a young Sophist student named Meno. Meno comes to Athens where he is asked by Socrates to define virtue. Meno gives a series of answers that are all rejected and proven wrong by Socrates. Meno becomes very confused and perplexed by Socrates and his Socratic Method. Meno believed himself to be knowledgeable, especially on the topic of virtue. Socrates made him second guess himself, proven by this quote from Meno’s own mouth, “Yet I have made many speeches about virtue… but now I cannot even say what it is.” When Meno arrived in Athens he thought he was all knowing. Meno had studied
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Unformatted text preview: under the great sophist Georgias. When Socrates perplexed Meno it was beneficial for him. This experience brought Meno down to earth. Socrates doing this allowed Meno to realize he is not all knowing. When a Sophist (Georgias) adopts a student (Meno), the Sophist instills his knowledge and ideals upon the student. That meant that the student did not have to seek out knowledge, but just absorb the knowledge of the sophist teacher The pressure applied to Meno by Socrates probably helped him realize that there is knowledge and ideals out there that Meno has yet to grasp. Knowing this Meno could now pursue new knowledge and disprove knowledge he was previously taught. Meno could use the very method Socrates used on him in his quest for knowledge. In this instance the Socratic Method worked to perfection....
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Meno - under the great sophist Georgias When Socrates...

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