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Final Stock - speculation of the stocks integrity Genentech's Avastin Drug Slows Down Brain Cancer in a Study(Bloomberg Avastin is a new drug

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Drew Iadanza Professor Gariepy November 27,2007 BA 101 News Stories Cisco shares fall on worries about sluggish US orders : (San Jose Mercury News) Cisco showed strong earnings up over 20% from there previous quarter. This led me to believe the stock would sky rocket. The problem was that all their gains had been from the international market. The domestic market was not putting in as many orders as expected. This was a problem. The problem is that the US market is very stable. Investors don’t want their money to be dependent in countries suck as China and Japan. This uncertainty in the American market would lead the stock price to drop because of
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Unformatted text preview: speculation of the stocks integrity. Genentech's Avastin Drug Slows Down Brain Cancer in a Study : (Bloomberg) Avastin is a new drug Genentech introduced. The drug was found to slow down Brain Cancer with minimal side effects. This would be huge for the DNA’s market value. If the drug was passed through the FDA and actually showed results investors would snatch up this stock. In turn the stock price would rise leaving me with big gains. Unfortunately this headline is fairly recent and I have only seen a small amount of gain. If I was an investor I would buy this stock and hold it....
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