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Lab Report - 11 Repeat for other solutes Conclusions/Claims...

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Lab Report on Colligative Properties Question How do different solutes affect the freezing point of aqueous solutions? I predict that the higher the number of moles of the solute, the lower the freezing point will be. Safety Use gloves. Do not touch solids with hands. Wear goggles at all times. Do not drop or break thermometer. Dispose solutions in sink with plenty of water. Procedure 1. Obtain materials 2. Check accuracy of thermometer. Should read 0.0 C 3. Weigh 50g of water and 50g of ice. 4. Weigh out solvents. 5. Do following steps for each solid. 6. Transfer solid into water. 7. Stir until all solid has dissolved. 8. Pour solution into beaker with ice. Gently stir with thermometer. 9. After 30 seconds check the temperature. After another 30 seconds check again. If temp is same record to the nearest 0.1 or 0.2. If temp still falling wait another 30 seconds. Record coldest temperature. 10. Dispose solution in sink with lots of water. Rinse and dry all equipment used.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Repeat for other solutes. Conclusions/Claims From the data we collected I can determine that as the number of particles in the solution increases the loser the freezing point. Evidence and Analysis Each of the calculations for molality came up the same for each of the solutions, so I can say that molality had no effect on the freezing point depression. When calculating the value for I (number of particles in solution) the results were different. The higher the value of i, the lower the freezing point depression. So I can then determine that when i is increased, it has an effect on the freezing point. Reading and Reflection My ideas from my beginning question remain the same. My prediction I believe was correct. We just started talking about these ideas in lecture and I am starting to see some connections. Lab lets me see things hands on....
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Lab Report - 11 Repeat for other solutes Conclusions/Claims...

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