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Syllabus - spring 2008

Syllabus - spring 2008 - Spanish 1602-Elementary Spanish II...

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Spanish 1602-Elementary Spanish II Spring 2008 Instructor – Ms. Amber Reith Hutcherson Office – 229B (inside language lab) Office Hours – M-F 10-11; M 4-5 E-mail – [email protected] Required Texts Temas- Spanish for the Global Community – Volume 1: Jorge H. Cubillos and Edwin M. Lamboy – Includes QUIA electronic workbook BOOK KEY Recommended – Spanish –English dictionary Course Description Students in this class will hear, speak, read and write basic Spanish. These are all aspects of communication. The goal of this class is to communicate with others in the Spanish language and therefore involves both oral and written work. This course requires active participation in-class and individual work outside of the classroom. Most of the in-class work will be conducted in Spanish. Learning a language can be a time-consuming endeavor. Daily practice and usage is recommended. Be aware that studying for this class involves a large amount of memorization. Determination of grade Exams =30% Final exam =15% Compositions =15% Workbook =15% Quizzes =10% Homework =15% Exams There will be 3 chapter exams and a final exam given. The final exam will cover cumulative material from all previous chapters. Although the chapter exams are not cumulative, some material from the previous chapters will be included. Language IS a comprehensive subject. Everything builds on what you already know. You will receive a review sheet for each exam and a portion of the class period immediately preceding the exam will be used as a review period. Be aware that the review session is a class effort and it will benefit you and your classmates if you complete the review sheet prior to the class period. Compositions There will be three compositions assigned. Each composition must follow the guidelines given. The topics coordinate with the subjects in the text. Please see calendar for due dates. Composition #1 – 150 words – your daily routine (use 5 reflexive verbs) Composition #2 – 200 words – a past event/ preterite Composition #3 – 225 words – the past/ imperfect
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QUIA Electronic Workbook (online) Most of the electronic workbook and listening exercises will be assigned for each chapter. A few exercises will be due every Monday (MWF class) or Tuesday (TR class). These exercises take time and it would be unwise to wait until the last minute to begin working on them. You may use your textbook and notes to complete the exercises. Some of the exercises will be graded for completion; others will be based on the number of correct answers. I will be able to check your answers and scores online. You will have four attempts at each assigned exercise before your final score is tabulated. Please note that the workbook and laboratory manual are available only in an electronic format. You will need the Electronic Workbook and Laboratory Manual password (also know as a BOOK KEY) for Temas Volume 1 for this course. It is very important that you read and follow the instructions on using the password.
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