March6 - CC303 Classical Mythology Spring 2008 Prof. P....

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CC303 Classical Mythology Spring 2008 Prof. P. Perlman Outline for 3/6 Notes taken 3/18/08 Artemis: Myth of the Hunter and the Huntress I. Vital Statistics Artemis is twin sister of Apollo. Sometimes referred to as elder sibling. Shares with Apollo the status of adolescent, female equivalent of Apollo’s ephebe status. Her birthplace is variously given. Birth story similar to Apollo’s. Apollo’s name means citizen assembly in Indo European translation. A. Family 1. parents: Leto and Zeus 2. brother: Apollo 3. birth place: Delos 4. name (not Indo-European = “my lady”) The name Artemis is not Indo European. Artemis’s name not indo euro means she did not enter in 2000 BC w/Greek speakers. Artemis’s name is found in Linear B, Apollo’s is not. Meaning, if she did not migrate with indo European speakers, she was probably an early addition in Mycenaean Greek Pantheon, name prob. means my lady, comes from East area (coast of Turkey, or Lavant further South) 1. city goddess in Asia Minor (e.g. Ephesus) Artemis is heavily connected with politics, city goddess, in Asia Minor, the East, where she is thought to have originated. Similar to Athena but in Asia Minor. Statue representation of Ephesian Artemis: column like nature of goddess, elaborate garment, possible multiple breasts or bull testicles. Artemis linked to fertility but only in Ephesus (Eastern city) in Asia Minor. Later version of Eastern Aniconic image of goddess. In Greek culture, linked to private life not public, not a culture hero or interested in city life, civilization, social institution. 2. three aspects of her nature stand out: a. virginity Artemis is a maiden, virgin goddess. Like Athena b. concern for the personal lives of women Her concern for personal, private lives of women: she is protector of girls as they make transition from child to adolescent (puberty), protector of women in child birth. Goddess brings a gentle death to women. Puberty, birth, and death
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March6 - CC303 Classical Mythology Spring 2008 Prof. P....

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