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CC303 Classical Mythology Spring 2008 Prof. P. Perlman Outline for 3/25/2008 Summation (Olympian Gods) and Introduction (Chthonic Gods) I. Olympians Prehistory of myth that laid out historical background that historians/scholars observed two strands: strand 1: Crete/Minoan represented eastern religion and that there is no written evidence, only archaeological evidence for Minoan that parallels what is seen on Crete and Mesopotamia. On Crete, emphasis on female goddesses, is there one prominent goddess who exercises all power? Or many powerful female goddesses? We don’t know…There is the divine youthful male consort of the goddess who undergoes pattern of death and rebirth that signifies fertility and agricultural cycle. Strand 2: Traditions of Mycenaean’s of mainland and conclude that ancestors of Mycenaean first entered into Greek world, so we have material evidence and written, linear B. They have a pantheon of gods and goddesses that seems to be equally weighted between male/female divinities. Many names we find in Linear B have their parallels already in the poems of Homer, shows earliet records of Greece coincide with names in Linear B of Mycenaean. -Lots of points where we detect syncretism of eastern religion and religious system of Mycenaean Greeks: Minoan Zeus, youthful beardless figure who in Greek literature is associated with island of Crete. -The goddess Athena who is probably a palace goddess in Minoan? In Linear B is potna atana and worship of her in high place in Athens similar to place of palace in high places. Her interest in snakes shows dying/born similar to Cretan goddess. -Stories of Aphrodite and Adonis: Aphrodite is early important into Greek pantheon and seems to be in origin an Eastern goddess. Adonis, her youthful male lover is Semitic, eastern in origin and this couple seems to be Greek reflection of Eastern goddess Inanna and her consort. A. Who Cannonized- fized as a group by the time of Homer, 700 BC. Family of Olympian gods/goddesses are 12 in number and has been set. They are very humanlike-fully anthropomorphic and fully individualized- each has their
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march25 - CC303 Classical Mythology Spring 2008 Prof. P....

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