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Lecture Notes-Hades - CC303 Classical Mythology Spring 2008...

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CC303 Classical Mythology Spring 2008 Prof. P. Perlman Outline for 3/25-27 Hades and the Realm of the Dead I. Gods of the Netherworld Netherworld parallel of Zeus in Hades. A. Hades (Unseen) His name means unseen, invisible. We don’t want to see dead. Not often depicted in Greek art. Does not play prominent role in Greek narrative. 1. Ploutos (wealth) foucused on status of agricultural bounty, cornucopia and reflects his fertility. Ploutos also refers to wealth of dead over whom he has control. 2. Zeus Chthonios (Zeus of the Nether World) Zeus of the Earth B. Persephone, daughter of Demeter and Zeus Identified as a daughter and a wife. Draws attention to her function in 2 categories: the adolescent daughter and her relationship with her mother but 2. she is also the wife of HADES AND HER STATUS AS ADULT WOMAN MARRIED, QUEEN OF THE DEAD. Dual nature of Persephone , cycles between these two functions and between living and dead. Cycle of death and rebirth, her myth is the model of thinking about human reincarnation. II. Geography of the Netherworld A. Neutral conceptions-either good or bad 1. Hades-the king of the dead and also the name of the place of the dead. Negatively- Hades refers to death itself B. Negatively Conceived 1. Tartaros-place of punishment, place where Zeus and his brothers and sisters confine the Titans, place where bad things go. Connected with words of confused and mottled. Sometimes is a part of Hades, sometimes is a distinct region separate form Hades. Varied vision of the afterlife. Becomes in time a place where all of us who have not lived a good life will go and be punished. Changes from place of punishment of people who committed great big crimes. 2. Erebos- one of the primordial places created and the name is associated with darkness. C. Positively Conceived 1. Fields of Asphodel- asphodel is a plant 2. Elysion- elysion fields 3. Isles of the Blessed-associated with those who lived particular good lives. Ex. Tithanos is taken here. Sometimes these places are identified with one another. These are places where those who have lived good lives go, a place of reward. Originally was the place heroes went after death. Sometimes are thought to be below, sometimes 1
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CC303 Classical Mythology Spring 2008 Prof. P. Perlman thought to be beyond, beyond encircling stream of ocean that surrounds Earth. D. Rivers Prominate feature sin Greek thinking of Netherworld. There are 5 or 6. 1. Styx (Hate)- The river of hate, the river that divides the land of the living and
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Lecture Notes-Hades - CC303 Classical Mythology Spring 2008...

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