Mgmt Final Q1 - 0631870 Section D 1 I disagree with the...

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0631870 – Section D 1.) I disagree with the idea that the U.S. Supreme Courts should disregard that the exclusionary rule is a necessary part of the Fourth Amendment. The exclusionary rule is critical for the safety of the citizens of this nation. It protects the people of unreasonable searches and seizures and their right of privacy. If the exclusionary rule were to be abandoned, then there would be no use for warrants in suppressing any persons or evidence. The exclusionary rule helps maintain the balance between public access laws and personal privacy. The Fourth Amendment validates the right of the people to be secure in their homes. Given this fundamental principle, citizens tend to feel more comfortable and open to activities, legal or illegal, in their own homes than in the general public. And with that in mind, the exclusionary rule limits government officials to take full advantage of their power in seizing individuals or material possessions in private vicinities. Otherwise a police officer can just barge into a person’s home and arrest the individual on the basis of narcotic substances found after the apprehension. This would be wrongfully acceptable
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Mgmt Final Q1 - 0631870 Section D 1 I disagree with the...

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