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bio stats practice exam

bio stats practice exam - 1 When is Pr(B)=Pr(B|A for two...

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1. When is Pr(B)=Pr(B|A) for two events A and B? a. When A and B are independent events 2. positive predicative value is: The probability that a person has a disease given that the test is positive. (show of accuracy of the test) 3. Pr(disease|test + )= Pr(test + n disease) Pr(test + ) 4. weight of a person is a continuous variable, since it has infinite amount of outcomes. While a discrete random variable can take only a finite number of distinct values. 5. there are three ways to calculate the exact binomial distribution a. Using Binomial Tables b. Using a formula c. Usinga computer 6. 8; n*p/100 n= sample size p= percentile a. if result is an integer average the result you get with the next largest number b. if result isn’t an integer use the next largest number as your answer 7. false - variance has units which are squares, mean has units to the first power 8. you use the average of the range * the freq for each group then you add up and divide by the sample size 9. the lines that extend out from a box plot are +/- 1.5 * (upper quartile-lower
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