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CS536 Assignments

How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing

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http://web.cs.wpi.edu/~kfisler/Courses/536/F07/Assignments/ Lectures Assignments Discussion Board Related Readings Policies CS 536 : Programming Language Design Assignments All homeworks are due in hardcopy in class with electronic submission via turnin . All assignments should conform to the course formatting guidelines Unless otherwise stated, do assignments in DrScheme , using the special language level (PLAI) for our text described on the text's website . Assignment 9 (Verification) : due Thursday, December 6 Assignment 8 (Types): due Thursday, November 29 Do one of the following two options: o Type checker o Type inferencer The typechecker (first option) is easier; the type inferencer (second option) is more interesting. Assignment 7 (Garbage Collection) : due Thursday, November 8 Assignment 6 : due Thursday, October 25 Assignment 5 : due Thursday, October 11 Assignment 4 : due Thursday, October 4 Assignment 3 : due Thursday, September 27 Assignment 2 : due Thursday, September 20 Assignment 1: due Thursday, September 13
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CS536 Assignments -...

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