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1-23-07-Klass 696-699

1-23-07-Klass 696-699 - they need to work harder to improve...

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Klass “Macho” English Composition 102 23 January 2007 Klass 696-699 It is very obvious to the reader that Klass’s purpose of this essay is to inform us that being “macho” is very important in the medical field. Macho to the medics is referred to as acting tough, eager, and territorial. Not only by the title is it obvious, but the constant examples of doctors acting macho and the metaphorical examples of disease prove that one needs to act macho in order to pursue a job such as her own. Macho is a word used often in Klass’s work place, but there are also a few other words to add to their own medial dialect which proves that one must work there to understand. Saying “strong work” means a great deal to a doctor saving a life more than it would mean to the average person. Also being considered “weak” makes them realize
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Unformatted text preview: they need to work harder to improve in certain situations. By all of Klass’s strong detailed examples of these expressions being used, she demonstrates just how important using phrases like these are to them and their working potential. Klass makes it a strong point to reveal that it is a coincidence that their leader is a man. She also admits to referring to men in their workplace being macho very often. She wants the reader to know that it is merely coincidental and that women are very capable of being macho. It is perhaps a hint that to women, being referred to as macho may even mean more to them (including her) since it seems to happen on a rare occasion....
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