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1-25-07-Adler 46-50

1-25-07-Adler 46-50 - in a book should be just as important...

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Adler Professor M. Motew English Comp. 102 25 January 2007 Adler 46-50 Clearly when beginning to read Adler’s piece of writing, the reader finds out that it is a persuasive essay by the way he says “I want to persuade you to do something” in the second sentence. Adler informs the reader that it is very important to mark up a book in order to successfully absorb an author’s piece of writing. In his second paragraph the reader is introduced to Adler’s true affection to marking up books. His clear, solid sentence which speaks of love, not mutilation, is meaningful enough to be its own paragraph. Adler does an effective job of offering examples to emphasize his important points. By saying, to own a book “you have to make it a part of yourself,” Adler’s definition of ownership is very unique and highlights the exact outlook he is aiming to get across. His comparison of a book to a personal diary provides the notion that writing
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Unformatted text preview: in a book should be just as important and delicate as writing in one’s own journal. Adler also explains that Gone with the Wind is not the type of book to be marked up by a reader. By saying this, he makes it clear that this particular reading is too elementary for his own taste. After reading this it is evident that his points are based solely on his own opinion. The comparisons, similes, and examples he provides show how passionate he is about marking up a book. The reader can tell that he truly believes it is a necessity for reading. The strongest sentence Adler provides in this essay is “but your books are as much a part of you as your head or your heart.” It is an ideal ending sentence that proves just how committed he wants the reader to be with his book marking....
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1-25-07-Adler 46-50 - in a book should be just as important...

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