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Tannen Professor M. Motew English Comp. 102 30 January 2007 Tannen 73-77 Tannen discusses a communication issue that is presented to men and women every day. It is an issue that is so much debated that she would absolutely need studies and statistics to support the points that she making in this essay. Deborah Tannen is in fact a woman, and many people may try to argue that her being female may have an effect on the contents of this essay; clearly she does a fine job at describing both men and women’s communication problems alike, without putting men down at all. So the fact that the author is a woman does not push the reader one certain way or the other. Tannen uses her personal observations as criteria to maintain the initial points she
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Unformatted text preview: is trying to get across to the reader; doing this is very effective to get the reader to understand where she is coming from. The way she breaks up each category she is about to discuss is also useful to the reader. It almost acts as a guidebook incase we may want to flip back and read one certain aspect we were interested in. Tannen was fair to both sexes by giving examples of each of their situations that may confuse the opposite sex. A man reading this may never have realized the woman’s point of view before reading this, and vice versa for women. It is a useful piece of reading in order for men and women to better understand each other....
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