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Darwin Professor M. Motew English Comp. 102 1 February 2007 Darwin 783-786 When reading this we can tell that Darwin is very knowledgeable about what he writes. Unfortunately for the everyday reader it is a little more difficult to understand the point he is trying to get across. He does an efficient job showing how he developed his concepts of natural selection, but may need to explain with a little more sympathy to the average reader. Darwin is originally trying to explain that natural selection takes place with humans which relates to his theory of survival of the fittest. He attempts to make his speculation a little simpler by comparing his beliefs to plants and wolves. He has very
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Unformatted text preview: long, drawn out and detailed sentences, which makes it believable that this isn’t something to be read in any quick fashion. This is to be read slowly and critically by the audience Darwin intends to have. I personally believe he would have been better off just explaining his theory without using examples that are so in depth because it makes the average reader wonder where he is going with it. The only thing that makes me wonder if this should be true is that perhaps his intended audience was not the average reader. By reading his essay it is obvious that he is intelligent and may be writing to show his theory to educated scientists or theorists....
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