Marx vs Wright

Marx vs Wright - Marx cared for poor Marx and Wright believed the problem was the proletariat(upper class/whites Both had elements of power and

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Marx vs. Wright -Different Views of Communism - Wright was downcast about Communism, Marx emphatic - Both believed in Communism - Both strived for the poor - Wright did not believe in revolution - Marx believed in a revolution - Wright was liberal, Marx conservative Communist - Post 1980 has different views from both their times - Wright struggled as an African-American, Marx was pretty prominent
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Unformatted text preview: - Marx cared for poor- Marx and Wright believed the problem was the proletariat (upper class/whites)- Both had elements of power and importance in their groups, but both answered to higher powers-Deadlines, Marx’s with the paper, Wright’s with being the secretary of group- Both believed in the wealthy, who controls the production business cheat on lower class (blacks)...
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