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quiz1a_soln - MA 2611 D'07 Quiz 1a Solution 1(6 points A...

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MA 2611 D ’07 Quiz 1a Solution 1. (6 points) A gage R&R study is conducted to assess the process for measuring the diameter of a wayfinding tool extender. The study uses three operators each measuring the diameter of the same wayfinding tool extender multiple times using the same gauge. Figure 1 shows three stratified plots that might result. Match each plot to the correct variation measures: a. Within sum of squares: 26150; Between sum of squares: 120. b. Within sum of squares: 13075; Between sum of squares: 13727. c. Within sum of squares: 7180; Between sum of squares: 19682. 1 2 3 O p e r a t o r 20 40 60 80 100 120 y 1 2 3 O p e r a t o r 50 100 150 y 1 2 3 O p e r a t o r 50 100 150 y s e t = 1 s e t = 2 s e t = 3 Figure 1 Set=1:_b__ Set=2:_a__ Set=3:_c__
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2. (2 points) What percentage of the variation in Set 1 of question 1 is due to reproducibility? Solution: The variation due to reproducibility is measured by between variation, so the percentage is (100)(13727/[13727+13075])=51.2% 3. (2 points) What should have been checked before summarizing the Gage R&R results using a stratified plot of the type shown in Figure 1?
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